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Financial Stability Oversight Council Designations and Financial System Stability
Paul H. Kupiec | House Financial Services Committee, Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, and Inclusion
The short history of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) illustrates the transient political nature of FSOC designations. Such regulatory uncertainty discourages financial-sector innovation and private-sector investment.
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Why the Islamic State’s Bombing in Iran Should Have Western Leaders Worried
Katherine Zimmerman | The Dispatch
The terrorist group ISIS has regrouped and adapted—and it’s trying to exploit regional tensions.
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Will Support for Israel Cost Biden Michigan?
Karlyn Bowman, Nate Moore, and Ruy Teixeira | AEIdeas
In the wake of the Biden administration’s continued support of Israel, some Muslim community leaders launched an “Abandon Biden” effort aiming to convince Muslim and Arab Americans to vote for a third-party candidate in November.
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You Have a Choice This Year, Republicans. Do You Want a Toss-Up or a Landslide?
Marc A. Thiessen | Washington Post
As Republicans begin to caucus and vote, they have a choice to make. If they choose wisely, Republicans could have the red wave they hoped for two years ago. If they choose poorly, get ready for a second Biden term.
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Economics, Housing, and Poverty
To Better Promote Work, Stop Subsidizing More Benefit Collection
Matt Weidinger | RealClearPolicy
Addressing the Shortage of Workforce Housing Through Light-Touch Density
Edward J. Pinto and Tobias Peter | American Enterprise Institute
Five Reasons for Housing-Supply Optimism in 2024
Edward J. Pinto and Tobias Peter | American Enterprise Institute
The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Nightmare Won’t Go Away
Desmond Lachman | National Interest
Foreign Policy and Defense
Is the West Repeating Its Iraqi Kurdistan Mistakes in Azerbaijan?
Michael Rubin | Washington Examiner
Terrible Beasts, Excellent College Presidents, and . . .
Danielle Pletka | What the Hell Is Going On?
South Africa, Turkey, and Norway Must Face Consequences for Their Terror Support
Michael Rubin | Middle East Forum
Politics, Society, and Culture
What Is the State of American Religion in 2024?
Daniel A. Cox | Survey Center on American Life
By the Numbers: Here’s How the New Federal Financial Aid Formula Harms Families with More Than One Child
Timothy P. Carney | Washington Examiner
Let’s Expand the Child Tax Credit a Little Bit
Timothy P. Carney | Washington Examiner
Health Care and Technology
Team Biden Needs to Recognize That Health Care Innovation Using AI Is Just What the Doctor Ordered
Brian J. Miller |
Concern for Kids Prompts Problematic Internet Regulation, Take 27
Daniel Lyons | AEIdeas
Restoring the Canon to K–12 English Language Arts Standards
Mark Bauerlein | American Enterprise Institute
Dylan Wiliam on Program for International Student Assessment Scores, Assessment, and De-Implementation
Nat Malkus and Dylan Wiliam | The Report Card with Nat Malkus
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett on Rural America
Brent Orrell and Elizabeth Currid-Halkett | Hardly Working
What Is Wrong with Gen Z?
Danielle Pletka et al. | What the Hell Is Going On?
The Ticking Clock on Ukraine Aid
Dalibor Rohac et al. | The Eastern Front
Are You Economically Better Off Today Than You Were Four Years Ago?
Beth Akers | Defending Ideas